It all started when…

Tal Fussman, producer and DJ, was born and RAISED in Israel. when he was young he always had A PASSION AND love for music, regardless of whether it was drums, guitar or a pair of cdj’s he loved making something.

as tal grew older he taught himself how to produce music using a laptop and days of watching videos. At the age of 18, Tal was required to join the Israel Defense Forces and complete his mandatory 3 years service.

Just last year, Tal had his debut show @ The Block, Tel Aviv, one of the most known techno clubs in Europe. THIS YEAR, Tal started hosting two radio shows on GlobalMixx Radio (New York) and Fnoob techno radio (Argentina).

Tal has released tracks on Manual Records (Amsterdam) with upcoming releases on: Stab recordings (Berlin), Syncopate afterhours (London), Ampispazi (ibiza), Minimal Sessions (LA), polyptych (St petersburg) and more.

Today, Tal resides in THE NEW YORK CITY AREA, but is ready to perform wherever the world needs him NEXT.

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